St. John’s Cemetery

The cemetery at St. John’s Lutheran Church of Highland is located on two acres to the west of the church and has been in use since the late 1800’s. In addition to conventional burial sites, cremation remains can be interred at St. John’s Memorial Garden, where both individual niches and communal deposition alternatives are available.

The Cemetery Trust Committee is responsible for overseeing the cemetery’s operation. Maintenance, such as mowing and removal of worn decorations, is performed by members of the congregation. Volunteers are always welcome!

Burial sites and cremation niches are available only to members of the congregation. The cremated remains of non-members may be interred in the communal ossuary. Contact the church office for cemetery regulations, information about purchasing sites, or to volunteer for maintenance.

Photographic Records

Download images and information of all the gravestones in our cemetery with the following links. Files are split alphabetically by last name for easier downloading. These files contain photographs of the majority of gravestones in St. John’s cemetery as of 2010. Some stones which are obscured or illegible may not be included.

Gravestones A-G (PDF)
Gravestones H-N (PDF)
Gravestones O-R (PDF)
Gravestones S (PDF)
Gravestones T-Z (PDF)