The Lutheran Church and St. John’s

The Lutheran Church is the oldest Protestant church in the world. It has its origin in the 1500’s when Martin Luther, a Catholic priest and German professor, challenged the Catholic Church’s doctrine of selling indulgences, or certificates of pardon, for the punishment of people’s sins. Luther’s criticisms of Catholic teachings paved the way for the Reformation movement which swept through Europe, creating several new Protestant denominations. Learn more HERE.

Nationally, St. John’s Lutheran Church of Highland is a member congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. The ELCA is comprised of approximately 8,900 congregations throughout the US, the Bahamas and the Caribbean, with around three million baptized members. The ELCA has eight seminaries, as well as 26 colleges and universities.

Regionally, St. John’s is a member congregation of the Southwestern Pennsylvania Synod, comprised of approximately 150 congregations and 53,000 baptized members.