Weddings, Baptisms, and Funerals

Weddings at St. John’s

It is always wonderful to hear about two people falling in love and making a commitment to spend their lives together in marriage! While we do not require membership to be married at the church, our pastors do ask that couples attend worship before planning a wedding here. If a couple then decides that they want to choose St. John’s as their faith community, they can contact one of the pastors to discuss having a wedding through our church.

Baptisms at St. John’s

We love baptisms at St. John’s of Highland! Baptism is the sacrament through which someone officially becomes a member of the church, and it is also the time we are “sealed with the Holy Spirit and marked with the cross of Christ forever.” In baptism, we are forever tied to Christ’s death and resurrection, and we know the gifts of grace, forgiveness, and the promise of new life.

Lutherans baptize people of all ages. We believe that no matter where you are baptized, the gifts of baptism go with you for your whole life… so you don’t need to be baptized again if you join our church.

For those who haven’t yet been baptized, baptisms take place during any of our weekend services. Please contact the church office to talk to one of our pastors if you would like to schedule a baptism. You do not need to be a member to schedule a baptism for a family member; however, please be aware that the person being baptized will become a member.

Funerals at St. John’s

One of the ways people deal with the loss of a loved one is with a funeral service to commend that person to the Lord’s eternal care. The funeral service is a way to give family and friends a sense of closure after someone has died, as it reminds us that the person has been blessed with the gift of new life in our heavenly home.

While funerals at St. John’s are normally for church members, we feel that everyone should have the opportunity to be buried and we try to accommodate this as we are able. If you have the need for a funeral, please contact the church office.