Welcome to St. John’s!


We are an intergenerational community of Lutheran Christians who have been in mission in the North Hills for nearly two centuries!

You will notice that we are honored by the presence of Christ in our lives as you regard the pictures, programs, and ministries this web site seeks to portray.

As a pastor of this congregation, I can tell you that a vibrant life in God’s grace is our aim for all who would visit and seek to “Make Christ Known” with us.

Here you will find graceful older adults, faithful parents, enthusiastic teens, active adults and children with hearts full of joy!

Pastor Smail and I count it as a blessing to be serving with the faithful in this place!  Our community, known for its rich tradition, partnership with the wider church, and openness to new expressions of worship and ministry, live by God’s abundant grace and forgiveness. You are welcome here!

In Christ,

Pastor Bill Diehm

Our Mission

St. John’s Lutheran Church of Highland is a Christ-centered, multi-generational community; welcoming and uniting diverse individuals; helping each to find their place; growing and strengthening one another’s faith; supporting each other in times of need; and energizing all for service, witness, and benevolence in our congregation, our community, the greater church, and the world at large.