As Christians we are called to have a new perspective. Our old selves are enslaved to sin. Instead of turning towards God, we turn towards ourselves. Just as the Pharisee in the parable, our old selves tend to be focused on ourselves and our own worth. We try to lift ourselves up, however when we do, it never seems quite enough.

On the other hand, our new selves in baptism die to sin and rise to newness of life. And as a new creation in Christ we now are able to see things through the lens of the cross. In this new self, we don’t have to worry about if it’s enough because Christ has already paid the price. Like the tax collector in the parable, we know that we don’t stack up to God and we are in need of his grace. We are humbled before God by this great gift, yet as we bow down before him we are lifted up to be surrounded by a loving embrace.

A New Perspective