Today in our Gospel lesson we have a woman whom people didn’t want to see or hear who had an important message to share. She does not speak a word in our Gospel, and yet she shares volumes with those who are with Jesus that day. She is able to show by her actions how the forgiveness that we find in Christ can change our lives. She is able to demonstrate to those around her the great love that she is able to share because of the great love that she has received. And yet, she is invisible to those around her because all they can see is who she was and not who God made her to be.

The words that we hear in the Bible my friends are not just meaningless words in a beautiful book. Rather the words that we find in the Bible are living words, words that do something to us, words that change us and challenge us, words that bring us the healing and life that we need. May we be so bold as to listen to these words anew so that they can change our lives and cause us to be the living Word for others.

Being the Living Word