As we look around our nation and world and sometimes begin to get depressed at the hatred and racism and bigotry that infests our communities both locally and globally, we are reminded today that we all have a role to play in the story which makes our world better. And while there will be those who will be called to be modern day Moses’, or people who someday everyone will know their name, most of us will be like Shiphrah and Puah, Moses’ mother and sister, the Pharaoh’s daughter, people who are minor characters in the written story, yet play an invaluable role in having major things come to pass. And while we may not realize the impact that our actions make, who we are and what we do does make a difference. We are all called to action, to make the love and grace of God in Christ Jesus known to a world in desperate need of healing and hope. May we each be inspired to do so, to have the courage to confront evil with love.

Confronting Evil With Love