Sometimes things are hard for us to see or hard for us to hear, because we can’t see beyond that which is in front of us. Today’s Gospel lesson is a primary example of this. Jesus goes back to his hometown, and instead of being proud of this homegrown boy, they are astounded and offended that this carpenter who was the son of Mary and whose brothers and sisters were all around, would teach in the synagogue and do deeds of power. They could not see beyond that fact that Jesus was born into a common family, and thus he should not be lifted up in this way. It was in effect, class discrimination. He had his place, and he better learn it.

Yet we, the readers, know that while Jesus can certainly claim his commoner’s status, as he was born of Mary, he could also claim the status of royalty, as he was God’s Son. But the folks at that time could not see that. All they could see was the carpenter’s son stepping out of place and trying to teach all of them what to do. If their eyes and ears had been open however, they would have seen God’s son standing before them, bringing them God’s Word of comfort and hope, and the gifts of healing, love, and grace.

All of us at times have trouble with our vision and our hearing when it comes to our faith. As we live our lives of faith, we know that at its best our faith continues to grow throughout our lives. Yet it is difficult at best for our faith to grow if our eyes and ears are not open to seeing and hearing the many wonderful ways that we encounter God’s presence and his Word with us every day. And if we have faith in Christ, we have nothing to fear, for even when our world view is challenged by the things that we see and hear, we know that Christ is present with us through all things, constantly bringing us from death to new life.

Faith Roadblocks