Fear Not! – Christmas Eve 2012

Now, more than ever, we need to hear the message of the angels who come to shepherd vulnerable people like you and me who wonder, “Is the world we live in capable of being saved (salvaged)?” We are worried about fiscal cliffs, secure homes and schools, and losing freedoms. Is there a word from God that can offer any peace? Tonight for you is born a savior who is Christ the Lord!

During the sermon, Pastor Bill presented an opportunity to interact with the story via live text messages displayed onscreen. Below are the responses received during the 8:00 p.m. service.

I feel filled with joy

Filled with the promise of light in a dark world.

Why does Mary ponder?




A bunch of scared people looking for something to believe in.


A miracle, our savior

Decree joseph david mary expecting a child bands of cloth good news great joy the lord a sign for you amazed treasured pondered

Why were they terrified? What other emotions might have accompanied this fear?

“do not be afraid”…in a world where we are often terrified! wonderful words that i definitely ponder

Hope. The promise of good things to come, when the world was most fearful.

Hope and love


Taking place near syria…. Today completely wartorn and devastated…and we are sittig in comfort


Is there room for Jesus now?

Faith amid social rejection

I like that mary treasured the words and pondered them in her heart. It makes the words carry more weight.

A star is shining!

I love you baby Jesus

Something that will change the earth

Without sadness and fear, hope and joy have no meaning. Christ brings the hope of new life.

Pastor Diehm is on his A game tonight! 🙂 Raise your hand if you agree!!!

Fear Not! – Christmas Eve 2012