Today in our Gospel lesson we have a fishing theme as we hear the story of Jesus calling Simon and Andrew, James and John, who were all fishermen. And what gets these men to drop everything and become his disciples is that he says to them, “Follow me and I will make you fish for people.”

Fishing for people, or inviting someone to come and see, involves a bit of a risk. We risk being rejected, we risk hurting our relationship, we risk being thought of as a religious extremist. Yet if we do not follow Christ’s call to fish for people, we also risk some things. We risk having those we know missing out on the greatest gift of all, we risk an opportunity for the growth of the kingdom, we risk not faithfully following the one who is faithful to the end.

While the call to fish for people is a call that can be a challenging one, sometimes the things that we have to work for a little we come to appreciate the most. Let us take seriously our call to invite others to come and see, in order that more and more might know the love and grace of God and that our catch for Christ might be abundant.

Fishing For People