Today in our Gospel lesson we hear the story of how Jesus heals Simon’s mother-in-law, who was sick in bed with a fever. And then we hear of how they brought to Jesus all who were sick and possessed with demons so that the whole city was gathered and he cured many who were sick with various diseases and cast out many demons. From there Jesus himself went to pray and then when Simon and his companions found him they let him know that everyone was looking for him again. To this Jesus does not go and hide, but rather he responded by going to the neighboring towns and throughout Galilee so that he could continue to proclaim the message and cast out demons.

I’m sure that there were many in that city and all throughout Galilee who were sending up prayers for their loved ones who were ill. And in today’s Gospel lesson we are reminded once again that Jesus did not just come for Simon’s mother-in-law or a select few, he came for everyone. He did not send them away, but rather he went out looking for those in the surrounding towns who were in need of his care and his words of healing and hope.

When Christ came, he came for all and he died on the cross for all. And while there is still sin and brokenness and illness in the world, what has changed because of Christ is that we do not go through these things alone. Instead we have a Savior who is with us, and we also have a Savior that at the last makes all things new. He has opened the way to new life. He has brought light into our darkness. He has given us hope in the midst of our hopelessness. And so as we experience sin and brokenness and illness in the world, we know that while these things can certainly change our lives, what will never change is the fact that Christ is with us through all these things, helping us to remember that these earthly ordeals are temporary while the new life that we have because of Him is eternal. Thanks be to God that his favor is for everyone!

God’s Favor Is For Everyone!