We know that we have been invited to a great feast every week by the king, where there will be fellowship and great music and all kinds of wonderful things. And while many people do take this invitation seriously, there are many who do not. And yet, you find that once you have taken the time, you find that it was well worth the sacrifice, that it is something that lifts you up and leaves you wanting for more.

When God throws a party, he is not one to disappoint. For goodness sake, the food he offers sustains us in our lives and joins us to the Body of Christ and his party favors are the good news of forgiveness and eternal life! And yes, we are invited to come and share in the joy of this marriage feast which has no end! And the good news is that even if we miss the celebration at times, for whatever reason, God keeps inviting us to come, time and again. Thanks be to God for this wonderful opportunity that has been given to us, and may we have the motivation to respond in joy.

Life Is Like Potato Salad!