During this Lenten season we journey with Jesus on the way to the cross. And after Jesus died his body was placed in the tomb, like a grain of wheat into the earth. But then, as we all know, three days later Jesus arose, just as surely as a grain of wheat sprouts and grows. And like a grain of wheat, the wonderful thing about Jesus’ resurrection is that it did not stop there. From Jesus’ new life, came the gift of new life for all people, just as from one grain of wheat, many others can follow.

As we stand in awe at the beauty of spring which has surprisingly come among us quite early this year, we are reminded once again of those seeds that were planted long ago that are now blooming in all their glory. So we too can plant seeds of faith within others, trusting that with the nurturing of God’s love and grace, these important seeds will continue to grow for a lifetime within whom they have been planted.

Planting the Seed