We all have been blessed with the Good News of Jesus Christ. And we all know that after Christ died and rose again that he ascended into heaven, but he promised to come again. As we say every Easter, “Christ has died, Christ has risen, Christ will come again.” As servants of the Master, we have been entrusted with the priceless gift of the Gospel. How are we using this precious gift? Are we out there using it and sharing it, so that its abundance might continue to grow? Or are we content to keep it to ourselves where it is comfortable and safe?

While we as Lutherans give thanks all the time that we are saved by God’s grace and not by any works of our own, we have to be careful that our understanding does not make us complacent in living out the Gospel. For while we do not need works to save us, by our works the love of Christ is made known and the Gospel is spread so that others may also know about Christ’s saving grace.

When our Master returns, what will he think about the way that we have been stewards of the Gospel? Will he find that the Good News has continued to spread, or will he find that it was simply held in safekeeping? Thanks be to God for the grace that we have been given in Christ Jesus, and may we in our freedom by that grace dare to live out the Gospel in order that it might continue to bear fruit in the lives of all God’s children.

Stewards of the Gospel