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  1. Jean Sontag says:

    I am enjoying your photos and blogs. Keep up the good work and enjoy yourself. I am proud of you.

  2. Barb Harris says:

    I love all the photos. Thank you so much for doing this….It is great to be connected to all of you.

  3. The Ruffolo Family says:

    Thanks for the photos! Do you have any pictures of the po boys and gumbo? Not that you guys aren’t plenty photogenic….

  4. The Ruffolo Family says:

    These photos are great…but where is Nick Ross?? Ha ha!

    Seriously, the photo of the car in the rain tells a great story, you can feel the energy from the Superdome performances photos, and we love seeing all the St. John’s kiddos in action. Thank you!

  5. Barb Harris says:

    Hey Nick
    Are you in the first page, photo 29 of 50? We think you are sitting by the back of the fencing on the bleachers. Dan Heckert is close but your face is shining over!!!

    Glenn and Barb

  6. Barb Harris says:

    Hey Nick: This is so funny!!! I picked you out in the crowd. Hey, the prize has been giving us this opportunity to view all these great photos and enjoy the blogs. We certainly have been there as much as possible, even though not physically…. Thank you!!

    You made our night!!

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